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At James L. Hayes MBA Co. Inc. we provide the following professional services to individuals:

  • Income tax planning and tax return preparation: Do not pay any more to the government than you are required to We will help you structure your finances to take advantage of all deductions, exemptions and credits available to you.

  • Personal Financial Statement Compilation: On occasion individuals need to present personal financial statements to lenders, courts or other parties of interest.We will make sure your Personal Financial Statements present a fair and accurate picture of your finance.


  • Gift taxes: We can help you gift your wealth to children and grandchildren in a manner which takes advantage of the changing gift tax laws.We can prepare any necessary gift tax returns you need.


We can provide the following professional services to businesses of all sizes regardless of whether your business is a sole proprietorship, partnership, Limited Liability Company, Corporation or Professional Services Corporation:

  • Accounting services:  After your bookkeeping department takes care of collecting your revenues and paying the bills we will make sure all data is accounted for and properly categorized in your books and records.  We can use the information provided by your bookkeeping department to write up your books and records for you.  We can also use information provided by your bookkeeping department to compile financial statements for your business for presentation to outside user of financial statements.


  • Bookkeeping services:  We can serve as your outsourced bookkeeping department and make sure all of your revenues get collected and your bills get paid.  We can come to your offices on a periodic basis or work in our own offices.


  • Tax services:  We can advise you on the most tax advantageous structure of your overall business operations or even particular transactions.  Make sure you keep as much of your profits to yourself.  Do not share any more profits with the government that you absolutely must.  We also prepare tax returns for all types of business entities based on financial books and records you provide for us or that we prepare for you.


  • Mergers and Acquisitions:  Are you considering buying or selling a business?  James L. Hayes MBA & Co., Inc. can help you arrive at a fair price whichever side of the transaction you are on.  We can also advise you on the capital formation and restructuring which will allow you to keep your profits and keep control of your business.




  • Working closely with your attorneys and executors we can help make sure that all of your assets are properly accounted for and disbursed among the beneficiaries exactly as planned for in the will.  We will also make sure all tax filings are properly prepared and filed and that all credits and exemptions are taken advantage of.



At James L. Hayes MBA Co. Inc. we have a wide variety of accounting services to offer to attorneys who are working with their clients in matters of:

  • Estates and trusts: We can assist you in choosing the type of trust which best suits your clients circumstances and goals including tax benefits. We can provide the fiduciary accounting for estates and trusts as well as the estate tax returns.


  • Litigation support: We can provide forensic accounting services to attorneys to look beyond the numbers in matrimonial disputes, civil matters, insolvency, bankruptcy and matters of fraud.



Do you need a document notarized?  At James L. Hayes MBA & Co., Inc we have two notaries in-house.  Make an appointment on the Notary form by clicking HERE or just stop by and we will be happy to serve you.

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